Monday, February 9, 2009

~~Well, this morning I woke up to it actually raining outside-wait, of course it rains outside-not inside-not awake yet-need coffee. Have to get up at 5 in the mornings to take husband to work, feed cats(inside and outside) and the dog. So my mornings sometimes get pretty hectic by 6-6:30. I have to give a big thank you and shout-out to my daughters-they went shopping yesterday and besides buying the stuff they needed-they bought themselves and me each a new pillow-it felt like your head was sleeping on air!-best sleep I had gotten in many moons-thanks, so much you 2!!!
Have 20 million+ things to do this week-but wanted to get on and work on my blogging. --It is nice and quiet right now-just me, Zeus-the dog, and the tv-on news channel of course. I have to do laundry today-I hate doing laundry-but only because it is outside in the garage and not conveniently set up in the house-and it is a hassle to get it gathered in the hallway, go through the kitchen , out the back door, down the breezeway to the garage. Sheesh, who designed this stuff-hate living in rentals-maybe one day when this recession/depression stuff settles down we can move-out to the country!!!!! Peace and quiet--and less stress..yeah right...Oh well, until then...everyone have a good Monday-well, that's another oxy moron----like big shrimp---will try this blogging stuff again tomorrow or later if I need a break......ttfn....Lady Lynne

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Going To Give This Blogging A Go At It....

~~I have decided to jump aboard the blogging train and see where it takes me. My 2 daughters do it all the time and talk about how they really enjoy doing it so-I will give it a whirl. I am not sure if I set this up right but here goes.
I tend to be of the serious nature so don't look for much silly stuff from me. I worry about my daughters, our pets-one of whom decided last week to chase a cat and run out in the street and get hit-but miracles of miracles survived-has a broken paw and getting over bumps and bruises-but acts like a whiny child now-I am also worried about this recession/depression-it really scares me. I don't know if my husband will lose his job or not!
Living in Texas we tend to have mild winters so we haven't had the ice/stuff everyone up North has had-you guys are in my thoughts and prayers-but are getting ready to have thunderstorms/possible tornadoes this week-but we need the rain-we have a drought going on!
So bear with me as I try to get used to doing this. You know how it goes, trying to teach an old dog new tricks-going to learn how to do all of this internet stuff yet!